Valentine’s Singers at Your Service

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Jasmine Yoro Bowles — A&E Editor

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This week, the Fresno City Singers will be offering a service to send your valentine a song!

Organized by Julie Dana, director of choral activities and voice, the Fresno City Singers will have the sender choose from a variety of eight songs; “Ain’t He/She Sweet,” “I Will,” Happy Together,”

“Once in Love with (insert name),” “Come Go with Me,” “In My Life,” “My Funny Valentine,” and “Your Smiling Face.”

For a small fee, the choices of delivery are $25 for live/in person, $15 for a YouTube link and $10 for a phonegram.

To order your valentine a song and for more information, contact Julie Dana via phone on (559) 442-4600, x-8465, via email at [email protected] or through the Fresno City Singers’ Facebook page at

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