FCC Fashion Inspired by Cost, Comfort and Willingness to Experiment


Photo by: Albertina Rodriguez Delgado

Left to right, Sydney Robinson, Rochelle McDowell, Angelica Torres, Christopher Mayorja, Zakk Newman and Jessica Aania.

What are Fresno City students wearing? What’s their style? Where do they find their fashion inspiration?

Fashion at Fresno City College comes in many different styles. With unique fashion tastes — some more daring and bold outfits — the college displays variety fashion.

Jessica Aania, a Kinesiology major, says she doesn’t have a certain style, and often likes to wear “Js, shorts, and a shirt.”

“I like wearing fitted clothes,” said Zakk Newman, theater major, who also likes classic hairdos. “I feel this looks more adult and professional.”

Many students said they didn’t have a certain style and didn’t follow trends; they do, however, like to try different styles or add different pieces to their outfits.

“I literally mix everything I get; like if I see something in a Cosmo magazine and I like it, I would think, ‘How would a guy wear this?’ Kind of go off on that,” Christopher Mayorja, theater major, said.

Trying on different styles can always be a fresh and exciting way to change up one’s look. Sydney Robinson, a 20-year-old psychology major and Rochelle McDowell, a 19-year-old double major in

Sociology and Kinesiology, are frequent shoppers at the Fashion Fair Mall, particularly, Forever21.

“I have different styles. I can be wearing this one day, and you can see me the next day trying to be hipster, or chic and the next day I can be tomboyish,” Robinson said. “It’s whatever is comfortable for me.”

McDowell said, “[‘Forever 21 is] the only place I love.”

Robison has been going to Forever 21 since she moved to Fresno; she finds that the prices are reasonable for the different styles. McDowell and Robinson both agree that Fashion Fair Mall is the

place to go when looking for different styles. Besides Forever 21, they like to shop at Joppa, Wet Seal, Styles and Charlotte Russe.

For school, McDowell said she goes “with the weather and my emotions.”

With all the different styles FCC has to offer, people can draw inspiration from most of the students walking around campus or from classmates.