THE LAZARUS EFFECT: One of the biggest dissapointments of the year so far

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The Lazarus effect film poster.

Story By: Jasmine Yoro Bowles, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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The Lord giveth and taketh away; 83 minutes of my life that I will never get back. From the producers of “the Purge,” “Sinister,” and “Insidious” came “the Lazarus Effect”.

Olivia Wilde stars as Zoe, one of five researchers (Clay, Frank, Eva and Niko) performing unimaginable animal trials in an underground university lab. They are thought to be playing God as the medical students procure and test a serum that is intended to bring dead patients back to life; but not as they once knew.

The scariest thing about “the Lazarus Effect” was that it had a straight-to-DVD, low-budget, amateur-ish feel.

The biggest disappointment of was that Zoe was like a demonic and or possessed version of Scarlett Johansson’s character Lucy (“Lucy”, 2014); plus the “Cujo” esque theme did not fit well–

Stephen King does it (somewhat) better!

The overall quality was as if Blumhouse Productions had a limited amount of money and an even more limited amount of time to spew out a new thriller flick.

The $3.3 million budget must have been mostly spent on casting big names, despite that horror movies aren’t about big actors; however they nailed the notorious not-so-great acting.

The many plotline gaps could have been filled with more in-depth essential backstory on the characters, Zoe in particular.

Zoe and fiancé Frank (Mark Duplass) had a less than convincing chemistry that really set an awful tone.

On a (small) positive note, the fact that it was only 83 minuutes long would make up for, at least 10 percent, of the horrors that Blumhouse Productions unleashed upon their unsuspecting audience.

Wilde, although beautiful, is not known for her incredible acting, which is clearly shown during the simplest of tasks: not breathing when playing dead. The scene came off as nothing more than an excuse to see Miss Wilde almost topless.

“The Lazarus Effect” follows the majority of the cliche, a-typical horror movie happenings; kicking off with the black dude dying first.

Evan Peters (American Horror Story) playing Clay cheated him out of an example of his good acting skills that TV knows and loves; it’s safe to say this thriller is not reputable for anyone involved.

Movie theatres will be filled with more laughter than screams.