Blackhat review

Story By: Angela Tuttle, Reporter

Blackhat” is a suspenseful thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. The film is action packed with an extraordinary sense of mystery.

The film starts upon meeting Chris Hemsworth as jailbird Nicholas Hathaway, under conviction for hacking. Hathaway’s get-out-of-jail-free card entails finding the hacker who blew up a major Chinese power plant; suspension builds as the risky manhunt ensues. After a series of less than fortunate events, Hathaway has to go on the run.

The introduction was intriguing; it’s tech savvy and draws you in from the start. This created a perfect flow the main character introductions. As the story continues, it gets more enticing by the minute.  The buildup of suspense definitely made the film more interesting. The emotion between characters was fantastic and made it that much more dramatic when in peril! Plus, the love story was a great bonus. Who doesn’t want to see Chris Hemsworth being romantic? The acting was fantastic and placing the “Thor” star as the lead was an excellent decision, of course, due to his notable roles in many other action films.

Although it’s too detail oriented with a slow beginning, once the action picks up it’s filled with explosions, blood, and gore. The audience expects immediate action after the introduction but instead, we get a very in-depth backstory. “Blackhat” could benefited from less long-winded and boring scenes, which might have made it more interesting. “Blackhat”’s action, however, made up for it 100 percent. It was brutal and merciless with superb graphics.