“Who Should Play ‘Mary-Jane Watson’ in “The Amazing Spider-Man 3”?

Hillary Burton

“She has the looks with acting experience while still being relatively low on the Hollywood radar. She won’t have that ‘big name’ crutch that distracts audiences from excepting an actor in a character role. The perfect oppostite of “Gwen Stacy”.”

-Lauren (A&E Editor/Art Director)

Emma Stone

“Bring back Emma Stone! Listen, they reincarnate characters in comics all the TIME. You take a look at any anime character and tell me they don’t look exactly the same!.”

-Jarrett (Opinion Editor)

Chloe Grace Moretz

“She’s a pretty, up-and-coming actress that’s been in some good movies so far. I  think she can do it because she won’t be jaded by her successes.”

-Patrick (News Editor)