“Neighbors” Film Review

Story By: Patrick Forrest, News Editor

“Neighbors,” starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, is easily the funniest movie of the year so far. The jokes, which some may consider to be low brow, keep coming and are very funny. Needless to say when Rogen puts his name on any film, young children probably should avoid it.

“Neighbors” has a hard R- rating and for good reason. Once the Frat moves in next door, the raunchiness and the antics ensue immediately.

Drugs, alcohol, sex and call to the police are what drive this plot forward. But this movie really is just a back and forth of pranks between neighbors.

The performances are pretty good. If you have seen a movie with Seth Rogen in it then you pretty much have seen his character in this film. Efron gets a role that he probably should have been playing for a while, a pretty-boy frat leader.

All-in-all Neighbors is really good for what it wants to be. It’s a comedy about a college fraternity that goes way over the top and it hits its spot. So if you see it, and I would suggest that you do, get ready to take “Animal House” to a whole other level.