Revue gets the silent treatment

Story By: Lauren Baker, Artistic Director

Fresno City College film enthusiasts and Tower District aficionados alike have something to appreciate on select days for “Silent Movies at Revue Cafe.” Three classic films of the silent era will be showing on select nights in August, September and October.

Harold Lloyd’s “Why Worry?” was already shown on Aug. 10, but is worth looking into if wealthy hypochondriacs and giants strike your fancy.

You can still catch Buster Keaton’s “Our Hospitality” on Sept. 7. It is a twisted love story of sorts in that the protagonist falls for a woman after returning to his homeland, only to find that her family has an agenda to kill every member of his family. Keaton is well-known for his own take on slapstick comedy, so this film will almost definitely be full of ironic twists and jokes.

The final viewing will feature Frank Capra’s “The Strong Man” on Oct. 5. This film is also an early romantic comedy starring Harry Langdon as a World War I soldier who falls in love with his American pen pal Mary Brown from abroad.

In an effort to find her after the war, he obtains a stint as an assistant to a famous actor known as “The Strong Man,” and is coerced into taking the actor’s place when he injures himself – right around the time he is finally able to meet the woman he traveled to meet.

The event will also feature live piano music by Nate Butler, who is also hosting the events. Butler is a local seasoned entertainer well-known for playing piano at numerous events. He performs twice a month specifically for the “Silent Movies” event at Revue Cafe and also at Full Circle Brewing Co .

Revue Cafe is located on the corner of 620 E. Olive Ave. Films run from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. each day and are recommended for all ages..