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‘American Reunion’ delivers

Story By: Troy Pope, Rampge Reporter

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Jim and the gang are back after almost a decade for the last slice of pie.

The creators of the “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” revived the “American Pie” franchise, and gave Adam Herz’s characters some much needed closure.
The film is an even mixture of laughs and nostalgia.

It would seem difficult to accomplish making a film with the hilarity of an R-rated comedy and mix it with sentimentality about the past without getting too depressed over lost youth, but “American Reunion” delivers.

The original cast of “American Pie” comes back to town to attend their 13-year high school reunion.

While staying with his widower dad, Jim reacquaints himself with the girl next door that he used to babysit. She clearly has a crush on him, but the faithful Jim tries to resist her now-18 year old flirting.

However at the same time Jim and Michelle are having difficulties in their sex-life and try to rekindle the magic of their youth.

Seann William Scott as Stifler is one of the people most consumed with the past. Although he became a parody of his former self in the previous installment of the series in 2003, he delivered a performance that was both ridiculous and subtly wounded by his exodus from his friends’ lives.

All hands are on deck for this last hurrah. Actors that were noticeably absent from “American Wedding” in 2003 are back to reprise their original roles.

This film that takes place during a three-day weekend that culminates with the Sunday reunion allows the guys one more shot at finding themselves as well as relive some past glory.

A fact of life is that it changes. In the real world people settle down, have families, drift away from their past lives, and some die.

The parties that were once loud, obscene and full of keg-stands are now grownup events that people can bring their newborns too.

It’s a very realistic view of where life goes after high school. The party is over, but the adult relationships bind more definitively than those of the people you haven’t seen since graduation.

Whether or not someone will bake another pie is unknown. If not, this is a very fitting finale for the kids we met back in 1999.

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‘American Reunion’ delivers