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Fashion profile: Akeem Brewer-Spearman

Photo by: Olga Verkhotina

Story By: Olga Verkhotina, Rampage Reporter

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Akeem Brewer-Spearman 21-year-old Fresno City College business administration student could be the definition for posh and put-together. He looks like he just stepped out of the pages of GQ magazine. Grey sloppy sweatpants and ugly tennis shoes are no-go for him.

Akeem owes his taste in clothing to his parents. “My father was always very well-dressed, I got my knowledge from him,” he said. “When I was little I wore whatever my parents would put on me. Even though I didn’t really like it because I thought it was too much, it definitely gave me the sense of how to look classy. My style now is the same as it was back then only developed and more complex.”

In middle school, Brewer-Spearman had a dress-code. No jeans, casual T-shirts or bright colors – not a lot to play with, so that was the time when the interest in fashion was born in him. “I felt like I was clustered a little bit so I went through my clothing, looked at magazines and started thinking about what I could do. I wanted to make sure I look my best at all times because uniforms are not fun at all.”

At that time, Brewer-Spearman also lived in Massachusetts which had a big impact on forming his personal style. “East coast lifestyle is very different from West coast,” he said. “It’s a different pace and vibe. People in California are more laid-back and casual.”

Travelling inspires Brewer-Spearman a lot as well. Architecture, with its different shapes and proportions, and nature give him new ideas every time. “I admire European style a lot”, said Akeem. “A lot of my style icons such as Duke of Windsor, Valentino Garavani, Beau Brummell and Victoria Beckham are from Europe too.”

Right now Akeem Brewer-Spearman is working on getting an academic degree in business administration but he still wants to be involved in fashion professionally. “I would love to be a personal stylist or styling for companies like Neiman Marcus,” he said. “I want to help people in finding their style based on their hair and eye color, skin tone and personality. It is important that they all match together because fashion tendencies always come and go but the style that fits you perfectly stays.”

Akeem Brewer-Spearman describes his personal style as classy and perfectly polished but in a fashionable and creative way, not too formal and ‘business-like’. He loves mixing bright and muted colors together.

A lot of people react to Akeem Brewer-Spearman’s personal style. “I get a lot of odd stares but they are not negative,” he said. “Some people think I am a professor here or I have some other serious job. They get an impression that I am confident and ambitious and I think it’s great. I would like to see more people around dressed nicely because our appearance is our investment!”

On Akeem: Button-down and ascot tie – Valentino; sweater – Banana Republic; pants – Express; shoes – Prada; bag – Hartmann; glasses – Dolce & Gabbana;  ring – Cartier; belt – Bergdorf Goodman

Style inspiration: “Valentino”

Hobby: “Skiing, playing tennis and chess, shopping and sailing”

Music: “Rondeau, Mozart, Chopin”

Movie: “’Cruel Intentions’, ‘Seventh Seal’”

Food: “Mediterranean”

Place in Fresno: “Starbucks”

Place to travel: “Italy”

Color: “Purple – the color of royalty”

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Fashion profile: Akeem Brewer-Spearman