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EXCLUSIVE: Protesters confront Donald Trump supporter

May 28, 2016

Anti-Donald Trump protesters confront a supporter of the republican candidate for president outside a rally held in downtown Fresno on May 28.

Rampage News Minute 6

Story By: Jasmine Yoro Bowles, Entertainment Editor

May 6, 2016

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Drunk driver arrested for crashing truck that caught fire east of Fresno City College

Police say a drunk driver crashed his truck into a telephone pole outside Ratcliffe Stadium on Thursday, April 21, 2016. The truck caught fire after spilling hazardous material.

Story By: Cresencio Rodriguez, Editor in Chief

April 21, 2016

A man is in custody after he crashed his truck into a telephone pole east of Fresno City College near Ratcliffe Stadium Thursday, Lt. Joe Gomez said. Gomez said the man, who was only identified as a 37-year-old White male had a 2.1 blood alcohol content level when he crashed at the intersection of...

Latest Invention Lets Users ‘Speed’ Through Online Ads

Story By: Daisy Rodriguez, Photo Editor

April 19, 2016

Stan Wong, chief executive officer of VAAC, LLC, produced a voice activated accelerator called the VAAC Army which speeds up video ads when a viewer says the brand tagline to the VAAC Army application. For this to work, the user cannot use an ad blocker, which is detrimental to content creators. Ad...

Independent Businesses Help Downtown Burbank Flourish (JACC 2016 Video Story Competition Submission)

Story By: Larry Valenzuela, Larry Valenzuela

March 28, 2016

This video received an honorable mention at the 2016 Journalism Association of Community Colleges conference in Burbank, Calfifornia. The video was produced by Rampage Broadcast Editor, Larry Valenzuela and Rampage Managing Editor, David Chavez.

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