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Pokémon Go Can Energize the Campus

Story By: Eric Zamora, Reporter

August 30, 2016

Like most people, I have downloaded Pokémon Go. Many nights, when I walked my dog,  I ran through my neighborhood searching for any Pokémon that would come my way.   It was fun for a few days, and then I just stopped caring. I never played Pokémon growing up, so the nostalgia factor wasn't...

Standing up for myself is the bravest thing I ever did

Story By: Destinee Lopez, Reporter

February 23, 2016

For many years I struggled with standing up for myself. I would let people bully me, to the point where I would cry myself to sleep. I let them dictate my life -- how I spoke, walked and smiled; what clothes I wore, my style of makeup and how I did my hair. I was told to be exactly what they wanted....

Skate Life: My love of boards and wheels

Story By: Jorge Alamo, Reporter

February 23, 2016

Skateboarding is in my heart; it is in my blood. To the ordinary person, skateboarders are just people who do not care about rules. A skateboard is a way of life that no one understands unless you are a part of the community. The board on the four wheels has been around since the late ‘50s. It...

Finding Light in Darkness

Story By: Caleb Owens-Garrett, Reporter

January 27, 2016

When you can finally take a step back to breathe and rationalize, that’s how you know you are going to be OK. For years now, I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety, but I never imagined it was going to get worse. For the last year, I have spent my days being consumed with anxiety along...

Stick to Your New Year Resolutions; You’ll Be Glad You Did

Story By: Bineet Kaur, Reporter

January 27, 2016

We’re currently in the first month of 2016, and at this time of the year, I often notice two types of people -- resolutioners and those who make fun of them. Currently, some people are dedicated to whatever New Year’s resolution they have set for themselves, whether it’s getting in shape, kicking...

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