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The Zen Guide To Insensitivity: Where Are The Female Action Heroes?

Story By: Troy Pope

March 14, 2012

Filed under Columns, Opinion, Zen Guide

“Iron Man.”  “Spider-Man.”  “X-Men.”  “Batman.”  “Captain America.”  “Blade.”  “Superman.”  The James Bond series.  These are all solid examples of superhero films.  Superhero films featuring a male lead are always more successful than the few films that feature a...

The zen guide To insensitivity: Disney perpetuates black stereotypes

Story By: Troy Pope, Rampage Reporter

February 15, 2012

Filed under Columns, Opinion, Zen Guide

If you need a quick list of films that are full of racism and stereotypes, flip to the children’s section of your Netflix account - you’ll find a bunch. Yes, children’s programming. Disney is filled with characters and passages portraying African-Americans in an uncomplimentary way.  The tragedy...

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