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Food Health Violations at FCC

Story By: Emilio Gutierrez

February 24, 2010

Fresno City College's on-campus restaurants, which serve an average of 2,000 students a day, faced 11 health code violations after two December inspections by the Fresno County health department.The Rampage accessed the reports found on the Fresno Health Inspections Web site. They revealed that the Dec....

Professor “Bill” Riddlesprigger

Story By: Laura Solis

February 24, 2010

William "Bill" Riddlesprigger, Jr., a long-time Fresno City College English instructor, died Feb. 6 due to Parkinson's disease. He was 67.Riddlesprigger retired in 2006 after teaching at FCC for 30 years. He was the first African-American male to be elected to the Fresno Unified School District Board ...

FCC Student Learns to Read and Write

Story By: Max Rosendahl,, & Annette De Dios

February 24, 2010

Edward Contreras remembers the first time a teacher complimented him. After a lifetime of being classified as mentally handicapped, he enrolled in several electrical technology classes at Santa Monica City College. There, for the first time, a teacher told him he had real writing potential. "I thoug...

Students, instructors speak out

Story By: Jordan Hoover

February 24, 2010

Both supporters and detractors of instructor Bradley Lopez have spoken out about reported teaching of anti-gay and religious beliefs in his Health Science 1 classes.His accusers claim the long-time health instructor created a hostile environment that made students feel unsafe. His defenders argue that th...

FCC Prepares for the March in March Event

Story By: Nick Brockett

February 24, 2010

Student government leaders at Fresno City College hope to spend $7,500 in order to give students and staff a chance to attend the March in March rally in Sacramento.Participants in the March 22 event will protest against state funding cuts to colleges and universities. The marchers are scheduled to l...

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