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Laduke Calls for New Paradigm

Story By: Patrick Henslee and Jeffery Gilkison

December 2, 2019

International activist focuses attention back on the environment and the economy. There are people in this world whose very presence is a call to action, and Winona LaDuke is one of them. The two-time vice presidential candidate, author and activist had a message at the Old Administration Auditorium on Novem...

ASFA Proposes Gym Curtains and Bathroom Accessibility

Story By: Natalie Gallegos, Reporter

December 2, 2019

Our in-depth report on all-gender and non-binary gender accommodation on campus Fresno City College has taken several steps to provide access and accommodations for all students and has 23 all-gender restrooms on campus, even though 17 of them are locked for use by certain employees, according to Arien...

Dympna’s Garden of Reporters

Journalism instructor Dympna Ugwu-Oju  poses with multiple generations of Rampage reporters on Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019. Ugwu-Oju has advised the Rampage for over 10 years.

Story By: Tommy Tribble, Editor-in-Chief

November 27, 2019

Dympna Ugwu-Oju should be used to surprises, especially from her students. For over 10 years, her career has been defined by would-be journalists entering the revolving door of the Rampage--each one entering a newsroom, almost always by accident--without a clue about reporting. And every time there...

Broadcast Issue 7

Story By: Leticia Leal, Multimedia Editor

November 27, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution on the Veterans Lawn

Presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders poses for a selfie with a supporter, Friday, Nov. 15, 2019. Sanders hosted a Green New Deal rally at Fresno City College.

Story By: Tommy Tribble, Editor-in-Chief

November 18, 2019

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders called for a political revolution on the veterans peace memorial lawn at Fresno City College, Friday, Nov. 15, 2019. “I don’t have to tell anyone here tonight that we live in an unprecedented and dangerous moment in history,” Sanders began. He called for a...

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