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Ronda Kelley Presents Body Temple at FCC During Black History Month

Ronda Kelley, art instructor at FCC presents
February 27, 2019

“Man is the backbone, the Creator. God is everywhere and dwells in the body,” Ronda Kelley, a Fresno City College art instructor said, about the “Body Temple,” a presentation of art and wellness,...

Marriage Should Be about Love, Not Race

Marriage Should Be about Love, Not Race
February 18, 2015

One fourth black. One fifth white. A third Asian. And the rest Hispanic. Having a mixture of race and culture in your blood is not a bad thing. If anything, the result is beautiful. Interracial...

Find a Cause and Change Your Life

February 18, 2015

Student activism, in all its many forms, is, despite contrary belief, the future. Since the 1960s, when activism first surfaced, there has been a lot of controversy over the issue. The question is not...

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