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Ronda Kelley Presents Body Temple at FCC During Black History Month

Ronda Kelley, art instructor at FCC presents

Story By: Tamika Rey, News Editor

February 27, 2019

“Man is the backbone, the Creator. God is everywhere and dwells in the body,” Ronda Kelley, a Fresno City College art instructor said, about the “Body Temple,” a presentation of art and wellness, Tuesday Feb. 12, 2019. The event, held in the library conference room, was geared at giving a sel...

Marriage Should Be about Love, Not Race

Marriage Should Be about Love, Not Race

Story By: Chueyee Yang, Reporter

February 18, 2015

One fourth black. One fifth white. A third Asian. And the rest Hispanic. Having a mixture of race and culture in your blood is not a bad thing. If anything, the result is beautiful. Interracial relationships or marriage is the source of why people grow up having different ethnicities in...

Find a Cause and Change Your Life

Story By: Angela Tuttle, Reporter

February 18, 2015

Student activism, in all its many forms, is, despite contrary belief, the future. Since the 1960s, when activism first surfaced, there has been a lot of controversy over the issue. The question is not whether experienced activists can make change for the better, but whether students can make a difference,...

Editorial Cartoon Issue 2 Feburary 2014

Story By: Jarrett Ramones, Multimedia Journalist

February 19, 2014

Editorial Cartoon Issue 7 November 2013

Editorial Cartoon Issue 7 November 2013

Story By: Lauren Baker, Art Director

November 27, 2013

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