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Food choices around FCC

Story By: Frank Lopez, Rampage Reporter

August 14, 2012

Bobby Salazar’s Taqueria Smacked right in the middle of the Tower District sits Bobby Salazar’s Taqueria.  It is a bar and grill that serves Mexican food and a large variety of alcohol. There are taco specials on Thursdays and there are some dishes that are decently priced, however, the drinks can b...

Dusty buns flourishes in new location

Story By: Matthew Elliott, Rampage Reporter

May 9, 2012

Three weeks ago, owners of the famous Fresno food truck, “Dusty Buns” opened the doors to their first restaurant, called “Dusty Buns Bistro.” Located one block west of Fresno City College, across from Fresno High School, the new bistro enjoys the rare luxury of continuously operating at full...

Passion for cooking fuels business

Story By: Paul Schlesinger, Rampage Reporter

May 9, 2012

Dustin and Kristin Stewart recently celebrated the opening of the restaurant version of their Dusty Buns food truck near Fresno City College. This is a continuation of the Stewarts’ journey from culinary school grads to the owners of Fresno’s first gourmet food truck. The Stewarts were inspired...

P*DE*Q Brings Brazilian Taste To Fresno

P*DE*Q Brings Brazilian Taste To Fresno

Story By: Alex Tavlian, Rampage Reporter

April 18, 2012

Amid a recession, there’s always a few success stories to be told. P*DE*Q, a new Tower eatery and food producer, is one of them. The name of the company says exactly what it produces: pao de queijo, a Brazilian cheese-filled bread bun. Started just before the inaugural Fresno Food Expo in March...

Tower Cafe Offers Options

Story By: Matthew Elliott, Rampage Reporter

April 11, 2012

Fellow students and faculty, does a hot French dip fit your fancy on occasion? Perhaps you’d rather not hold out your pinky as you eat. In that case, maybe a pulled pork or a tri-tip sandwich would better suit your tastes. Tower Café is one of the best options near campus for those looking for high...

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