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Ms. Isabela De Las Casas is a first semester Fresno City College student pursuing a degree in Mass Communications and Journalism. Isabela is 21-years-old and was born in Fresno, CA. In her later years, her family moved to Henderson, Nevada and she went to receive an Associates of Science in General Science at the College of Southern Nevada.

As early as 10 years old, Isabela has shown an interest in gaming. Her father was the first individual to support her borderline obsession of the topic. To this day, she still holds the copies of Nintendo Power magazines when they were still published in the early 2010’s. Her passion for video games helped her branch into exploring other forms of media. Since then, she has also developed an enthusiasm for anime, video editing, graphic design and more. 

During her collegiate years, she started to interpret media on a different scale. She read into what was happening not only in her local community, but also on her campus. As a result, she became heavily involved in social issues and student representation. She went on and campaigned in a hamburger suit and was elected to the collegiate student senate. Following her first term, she would proceed to campaign in an 8-foot-tall inflatable dinosaur suit to secure her second term.

Now Isabela is studying journalism to prepare for a career in multimedia production. In her free time she educates herself on social issues, plays the ukulele, does portrait photography, and laughs at funny memes on TikTok and Reddit.

Isabela uses she/her and they/them pronouns.

Isabela De Las Casas, Reporter

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Isabela De Las Casas