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Margaret Paleo was born and raised in Fresno, California. She is 25 years old and is a journalism major at Fresno City College. Currently in her second year of school, she is navigating her way through it all while also being a mom to her 6 year old son, Vincent.

While being 19 years old and a new mother, Margaret had to put her plans for school on hold and drop out of her first year at City College while she spent long hours working so she could do her best to provide for herself and her son. When Vincent turned 5 and entered kindergarten, Margaret took that as the perfect chance to finish something for herself. Going back to school for journalism was always a goal of Margaret’s. It was when Margaret was a junior in high school when her English teacher taught her and her class about writing in a way Margaret never really had seen. She started getting encouraging feedback about her writing skills, and did so the rest of her time in high school. That was when she looked into journalism, and all the opportunities and possibilities there is to it.

As she came back to school after a 5 year hiatus, she was a little nervous and intimidated to jump back into it. It had been years since Margaret had written anything, but when it was time for her first essay in her English 1A class, she was able to get her groove back into it in no time. Margaret currently works on campus at FCC, so although she is still as busy as anyone else is, she is determined to keep her education a priority in her life.

Margaret Paleo, Reporter

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Margaret Paleo