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Sasha Saunders
Sasha Saunders was born in San Francisco, California in 1998. She lived in various locations around Oakland up until the age of 3 when her mother, who worked as a nurse, and father, who worked as a truck driver, decided to buy their first home in Fresno, California.

Here Sasha grew up and picked up many childhood hobbies such as playing the saxophone, DIY crafts, and professional dancing. There was never a time she wasn’t outgoing, not afraid to voice what she isn’t fond of and always ready to voice about what she loved and will talk about what she loved until you yourself pick up a new interest.

She always had a passion for the message and vibe something gave, whether it was a song, a piece of art, a book, a room, even a conversation between strangers.The interactions that took place between people and things to make something magic happen also spiked her interest. So in the year 2016, Sasha graduated from high school and when trying to figure out what career path she was going into she automatically dove into psychology. Her charm, persuasion, and curiosity being the main reasons why.

Throughout this journey she found herself often questioning herself about her future. She was in a stump when it came to her dream versus scholastic ladder type of thing. The cubicle versus credibility idea was eating at her. Although psychology sparked an interest in her, the history and current keep up of love, sex, music, men, fashion, culture and race lit a FIRE.

In the transfer center, her very last semester of community college is where she finally decided to tell her adviser she had found a major that can support all her interests, including psychology. Now Sasha is at Fresno City College earning both her associate's in psychology and her new found love, journalism.

With a journalism background, she can eventually become an all around media specialist and possibly talk and write about all of her interests in one magazine, television show, or blog. With plans to transfer to CSU Northridge, CSU Long Beach, or Clark-Atlanta University, she plans to pursue these dreams so with hard work and persistence this will not be the last encounter with the name Sasha Saunders.


Sasha can be contacted at [email protected] or on Twitter @SASHASYASI.

Sasha Saunders, Reporter

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