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Jo Murrieta
Joanna Rosario Murrieta is 24 years young in pursuit of making a difference in the world with her words. She is currently a Fresno City College student with an Associate’s degree in Journalism for transfer. She plans on furthering her education at Fresno State University.

Joanna, or better known as Jo, was born and raised in the small town Selma, CA. She has grown to love the valley, especially for it’s breathtaking sunrises and sunsets among the vineyards. Her dream is to travel the world, live on the road, and write on the go. Jo writes personally to get her thoughts out in front of her. Through her writing, she feels free.

She loves to meet new people and listen to their stories about their lives. Each story has an incredible impact on Jo’s life. Some stories have been happy and others troubling, but to Jo, there’s always a purpose. People inspire Jo to share and spread goodness in the world because the world needs more of it. She has a big heart, big smile, and is very willing to help those in need.

Jo remains on the hustle. She is currently employed as a busser at Sal’s Mexican Restaurant. When she isn’t at work or school, you will find her at her older sister’s spending time with her adorable 7-month-old nephew. And finally on Jo’s spare time, she just wants to dance. She loves to gather her friends for a fun night out. There’s nothing like a night out with Jo and the dance floor. Good vibes only from the one and only, Jo!

Jo, Murrieta

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