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Eric Jaramishian
Eric Jaramishian is a 21 year old man. He was born and raised in Fresno, California, and he currently attends Fresno City College. Eric is currently in the process of getting his AA-T for Journalism, and hopes to transfer to San Diego State to further his studies in Journalism. Eric is a former student senator for Clovis Community College, where he represented the student body as their student leader, and frequently wrote bills to be passed in the student senate for approval, such as expenditure bills for student clubs and various events on campus. He is currently working on a script for a play, which will reflect some of his life experiences and choices he has made. His inspiration for writing a play comes from his love of theater and drama. Eric is also a runner. He used to run track and field for Bullard High School, but now does independent races in various places, such as Woodward park. After many changes in his choice of major, Eric aspires to be a newswriter, but will take any path that is shown to him. As of now, his only experience with newswriting is taking a newswriting class with Mr. Losongco, and hopes that his time with the Rampage will help him develop his skills as a writer and journalist. He is a well-balanced person with many interests, and believes that will help him be a versatile writer.

Eric Jaramishian, Reporter

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