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Cheyenne Tex – Reporter
Since her junior year of high school, Cheyenne Tex has been interested in journalism and has pursued her dream of becoming a journalist ever since. Her interests began with film production. She began to research how film directors became successful and decided to follow those steps.  One of the film directors she read about had written for his school newspaper and made a good reputation that way, so that is what she did. While attempting to do so, Tex saw that journalism was something she enjoyed to do and added becoming a journalist to her future plans. After high school, she decided to attend the Madera Community College Center as a Communications major. Eventually, she attended Fresno City College where she was finally able to take journalism classes. These classes led Tex to decide to write for the Rampage. This nineteen year old has had experience with journalism as an intern for the Madera Tribune. Due to her past desire to pursue film, Tex completed some film projects for the MCCC’s Learning Center and the MCCC itself. Tex is also currently in the process of creating a school newspaper for the MCCC. Aside from her career interests, Tex enjoys dancing and has been a Polynesian dancer for five years now. On her free time, Tex likes to travel to different places and take photos. Street and fashion photography are two of her favorite genres. For future film endeavors, she says she would like to make documentaries and wants to make a Netflix series. Follow Cheyenne on Twitter @two_ffeatherss  

Cheyenne Tex, Reporter

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