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Anjanae Freitas
Anjanae Freitas is a 21-year-old Fresno City College student, and the Art and Entertainment Editor of the Rampage, born and raised in Fresno, CA.

During her time at Fresno City College, she found interest in the field of journalism, where she received her AA in journalism in the spring of 2018. She will continue to pursue her BA at Fresno State University in Mass Communications/Journalism Spring 2019.

One of her passions is poetry, Anjanae connects with poetry because it is an embodiment of the soul and human experience. Through poetry Anjanae as found not just her passion, but a way to mask healing and communicate her vulnerability. Anjanae released her first book of poetry on Amazon Kindle titled Bees & Weeds, in August, 2018.

One of her other passions is photography, which she developed through the many concerts and traveling she has done over the years. During a Katy Perry concert, Anjanae had the opportunity to be in the "Katy Perry 3D" movie.  Throughout all three of these hobbies and attending the film's premiere, she has made connections within the industry where she was given an opportunity to collaborate with Capitol Records Street Team for Katy Perry. Through this line of work, she has been given many invitations to attend different entertainment events in Los Angeles.

Anjanae is leading towards the career field of social media management for the television and film industry. Her biggest accomplishment was having the opportunity to spend a day at Warner Bros. studio for Freeform's hit show "The Fosters." The event was significant in her career because it made Anjanae aware of and passionate about the representation that the television and film industry puts out in our society. Her aspirations in the entertainment industry would be to promote diversity and create strategies for companies to increase their representation of women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community both in front of and behind the camera, and on social media.

Ultimately, Anjanae’s career goal is to receive her MA in counseling to become a licensed Family & Marriage therapist.

You can contact Anjanae Freitas at [email protected]

Anjanae Freitas, Entertainment Editor

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