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Women’s Soccer Wins First Playoff Game

November 21, 2017

The Fresno City College Women’s soccer team emerged victorious during their first playoff game against the Evergreen Valley Hawks on Saturday Nov. 18.

Excited to begin the regional playoffs, the Rams exerted quite a bit of energy as the first half began. The Rams previously defeated the Hawks in the regular season, scoring 5-0.

But even with their advantages, the Rams found their scoring attempts against the Hawks to be a bit of a challenge throughout the first half.

For every solid pass by each of the Rams during their strong offensive plays, the Hawks would answer back with their consistent defensive plays intercepting the ball.

The consistent back-and-forth between both the Rams and the Hawks taking possession of the ball seemed to be at a near equilibrium in the first half.

The tension that the crowds felt due to the teams’ equilibrium was at a fever pitch for the opening minutes of the game.

That was the case until left winger Sophia Zertuche assisted defender Julianna Garcia, who swiftly headed the ball into the Hawks’ net for the Rams’ first goal of the game.

Despite the momentum shifting into the Rams’ favor following the first goal, the Hawks put out their best efforts in their defense, with Hawks goalie Karen Aguilar successfully blocking good shots by the Rams.

Although the Hawks put up a good fight against the Rams in blocking their attempted goals for much of the first half, the Rams would answer back with stronger teamwork.

After around half an hour without more goals on the scorecard, Rams right winger Franki Navarro assisted forward Gabriela Watson for the closing goal of the first half.

As the teams reassembled for the second half of the game, the Rams took the energy they saved from the first half and exhibited their teamwork to further satisfy their potential.

The second half was a great showcase for the Rams—they exhibited great composure against the Hawks in comparison to the first half and with the team playing on their strengths to dominate.

The Rams dominated against the Hawks in their possession of the ball, making sure they would not give them many opportunities to score.

As the Rams continued to deflect the Hawks’ attempted goals, tensions remained high, leaving the crowds on the edge of their seats throughout the second half.

It was not until near the final minutes of the game when Watson assisted Garcia for the third and final goal of the game.

As the game ended, the Rams celebrated their victory in the first round of the playoffs in a substantial defeat against the Hawks, 3-0.

Head coach Oliver Germond felt that the Rams improved in the second half and also that Evergreen put up a good fight after their previous game together in the regular season.

“Knowing that the other teams will want to give us their best, the team needs to understand that we will be under a lot of pressure to win these games,” said Germond. “Everybody wants to take down the top dog, and we are the top dogs. We need to continue to play our best style for the next round.”

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