Rams Make Strong Comeback Against West Hills

February 7, 2017

After a hard loss to Merced College on Jan. 28, the Fresno City College men’s basketball team made a strong comeback at their home game on Feb. 1.

The Rams took on West Hills Coalinga college and won 100-74. The last time the two teams faced off, it was a one point game; FCC took the victory in the last 3 seconds, making the final score 77-76.

It was clear in the beginning that the Rams came to win. The team came into the game with high intensity and a strong aggressive defense. Throughout the first half, West Hill struggled to break the Rams’ defensive traps. The Rams’ defense had left no room for West Hills to make many shots, and the on-the-ball pressure was unbreakable.

Most of West Hills moves came from their strongest player, sophomore center Steve Coulauges, who remained FCC’s biggest obstacle under the basket.

The Rams’ ball and player movement created nonstop opportunities for successful plays on offense. Freshman guard Tyus Millhollin had five 3-pointers in the first half and 34 overall points. Millhollin and sophomore Cole Morgan were key contributors to the game’s success.

“We wanted to come out strong because we knew this team has the potential to get hot,” Millhollin said. “I was bitter from how I played the last time we met, and nothing motivates me more than a W in that column.”

Towards the end of the first half, the game tempo slowed but quickly picked in the last seven minutes, ending the first half at 47-23.

Aggressive moves were made by both teams going into the second half, and the Rams showed no signs of losing energy. FCC Freshman guard Eric Pierce and Freshman Ian Miller continued the rhythm from the previous half.

“Tonight’s challenge was physicality, trying to get stronger as the game came at us at a pretty good pace,” Pierce said. “We have a great team; we go hard and try to bring it every night.”

With 17 fouls and 14 minutes left in the second half, the Rams finished out the game strong and smart. The Falcons made a slow climb up the scoreboard by shooting penalty shots.

Overall, Rams played a strong, consistent game. The Falcons had a hard time matching their opponents level of intensity and aggression but came into the second half with a better understanding of the pace of the game.

Both teams scored 51 points in the final half of game, putting the final score at 100-74.

FCC’s men were determined to get back onto the winning track, and it showed in this game. It was clear to assistant coach Thomas Ammon that this game was a response to Saturday’s tough loss.

“The men were determined to come back and prove that the loss was just a hiccup. They were definitely motivated to get back on track,” Ammon said.

He said the Rams need consistency on the defensive end.

“That is why we lost on Saturday, and I think that is why we jumped a 26-point lead today,” Ammon said. “We can’t have both ends of the spectrum; we have to come every day and turn it up on defense.”

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