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From Ale’s Side: Fall Deserves More Appreciation

October 10, 2017

Pumpkin carving, chilly nights, and gory old horror movies on television–can it get any better than that?

Fall time is one of the best times to be alive. The weather is just perfect enough to carry a light cardigan or a small sweater and it isn’t too cold to avoid going outside.

Many people dislike fall because it’s too “cold” and the rainy/gloomy weather makes it hard for people to actually enjoy themselves outside, but if you think about it, Fall in California (and the Central Valley for that fact) isn’t even all that bad, It’s still pretty warm during our fall season.

There’s just something appreciable about fall. The leaves are this yellow, brown appealing color, bloody and gory movies are usually in theaters, and pumpkin spice everything is available almost everywhere. I mean who doesn’t like pumpkin spice?

Let’s not forget about Halloween! The one time of the year that you’re allowed to be anyone you want. One of the best holidays happens to be during fall. Free candies are given out and just about every single store has great costumes that are always fun to try on with whoever exploring these wonderful stores with.

There’s always more activities to do during the fall .

For example, you and your friends can be bored on a Sunday night, most cities and towns have pumpkin patches and haunted houses that are always exciting to visit with friends. Imagine the adrenaline rush you can experience by participating in a haunted house! Or carving pumpkins with some of your closest friends.   

When it comes to being cozy, Fall is definitely the best season to dress super comfortable .You can seriously just roll out of bed and began your day with some sweats and a hoodie. No need to try at all, and that just makes any day better.

Lets not forget about those warm boots while they step on the crispy leaves that are on the ground.

Fall season feels like the start of a new beginning. You get a change in wardrobe and the weather doesn’t feel like it’s trying to suffocate you every time you go outside. Fall weather is actually enjoyable, so grab your boots and scarves, because Fall is here!



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