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U.S. Saved From Foreign Influence

March 6, 2018

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U.S. Saved From Foreign Influence

Well, it looks like there will not be peace in the Middle East for current administration, as Jared Kushner, the secret president of the United States, had his security clearance downgraded to a temporary secret clearance in February.

Kushner, who is the president’s son-in-law was brought to the White House in April 2017 to solve some of the United States’ most pressing foreign policy and domestic problems, which, traditionally, are the duties a president would undertake; that was the case with the past 44 of them.

If Kushner is the secret commander-in-chief, then give him his entitled security clearance to see the nation’s most tightly kept secrets, so he can freely give them to Russia. Oh wait, wrong guy — that is his father-in-law’s job.

Some foreign policy issues Kushner is tasked with solving include negotiating peace between Israelis and Palestinians, getting Mexico on good terms with the U.S. and being representative for talks with China, when it concerns North Korea.

Who could be better for the job? Rex Tillerson, the man who was confirmed by the Senate to be the actual Secretary of State ?

No, it is better suited for a man who, before his current position as being secret president of the United States, was head of a real estate company which has deals with foreign countries.

It couldn’t be the case that when making those deals with countries like Mexico, China and Israel, Kushner could ever be used as leverage to serve their interests?

Actually, it is reported by the Washington Post that it could be true that some countries have discussed how to use Kushner’s lack of experience and deals made by his real estate company to manipulate him.

At least those countries are not ones he is currently working with as secret president.

Oh no, the Washington Post, in their article, reported that Mexico, China and Israel are three of the four that have had those internal talks to use him.

Well, then Chief of Staff John Kelly was right to take away Kushner’s top temporary security clearance.  

One can only hope that no other person working in the White House could have any sort of business connections to a foreign government which could use them like Kushner. Oh wait, I forgot who is the elected president.

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