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How to Deal with a Broken Heart

November 8, 2017


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Broken friendships and breaking up with a significant other– heartbreak is one of the most common things people go through.

Now I’m not an expert, but I do have a few tips on how to essentially deal with this unfortunate heavy-hearted feeling.

First and foremost, you must know that being upset or sad about this is completely normal. You shouldn’t feel the need to keep your emotions inside. Let them out. Allow yourself to feel vulnerable– It’s not OK to keep your emotions bottled up.

I’m not saying you should become a huge mess and let heartbreak overcome your entire life. I’m  just encouraging you not to keep your emotions bottled up inside and act like you’re dealing with the situation in a way where it’s going to be unhealthy for you.

Second, you have to accept that what is done, is done. This particular person won’t be in your life how they used to be. Whether it’s a tarnished friendship or an ugly breakup, this person won’t take part in your life anymore.

You have to become accustomed to going on without them. The good thing about life is that it goes on with or without them. This might be a bit difficult for some people, considering we become attached to them from time they enter our lives.

Just remember that whatever the situation is, they’re not a part of your life anymore and it’s best they stay that way.

Thirdly, focus on trying to better yourself. Become interested in activities that you enjoy. For example, painting, reading or writing. If you enjoy working out, then consider working out more often.

You should try hanging out with some close friends or surround yourself with family members. If you prefer to be alone rather than being with friends then that’s OK, as long as you feel comfortable being alone.

Personally, I feel better when I go out with friends. It makes me forget about what I’m dealing with for a while.

Try to stay busy as well. Sometimes when we have a lot of things happening, we tend to be more focused on what’s making us stay busy rather than the heartache we’re experiencing at the moment.

Experiencing heartbreak is something everyone goes through— it’s just a part of life. Getting through it takes time and effort. Being real with your emotions is extremely important and recognizing the fact that you’re not alone when dealing with this is beneficial.

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