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April 5, 2017

Most students do not dream about attending a community college one day, but sometimes, it is just the route a lot of us must take.

Why is it that the community college alternative is portrayed to be the lesser of the two options? Why do some many buy into the stigma that community college isn’t real college?

Despite what most people think, the professors are just as qualified, the workload is just as hard, and the parking is just as bad.

As students, we should not feel ashamed for taking an alternative route. There are many reasons why the shame surrounding community college should be ignored. For many people, it is the better option.

Based on material from National Profile of Community Colleges, community colleges educate more than half the nation’s undergraduates. No other segment of higher education is more responsive to its community and workforce needs than the community college.”


The community college system is constantly evolving with education so that students can benefit from high education.


Money is the main reason a lot of people decide not to go to a four-year right out of high school. Many community colleges charge less than $2,000 a semester, according to information from US News and World Report. Lower tuition gives students time to prepare for the financial demands, while keeping them out of debt. Lower tuition also allows students to try different classes without the financial pressure students at 4-year colleges would experience.

Sixty percent of community college students attend school part time. According to, community colleges have more scheduling options and offer more night classes compared to most four-year universities. Scheduling flexibility is beneficial in maintaining a school-life balance.

There are also a wide variety of tools available to students, which can help ease the transition. Tutoring, study skills workshops, academic advising, counseling, and career planning are just some of the few of many supportive services available on campus.

A 4-year degree doesn’t appeal to everyone. Community college offers alternatives for those that may be wanting to enter the workforce immediately. According to, “Community colleges maintain close working relationships with area employers to assist graduates in locating and securing employment after completing their education.”


Community college is an attractive alternative for many people. They system is designed to help students succeed.  

In 2015, the Community College Completion Report Stated that between fall 2013 and the end of summer 2014, 1 million more US citizens had some form of credential attributable to community college experiences. In 2020 student completion rates, that is students earning community college credentials, is projected to increase by 50 percent.


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