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Horoscopes: Facts or Foolishness

April 5, 2017

Some people read their horoscopes religiously, living by their words, believing the stars can truly predict their future, while other just read horoscopes for fun. Some people believe that their horoscope can tell their current mood, preferences, personality traits and even their future. Whatever the reason, horoscopes are a popular trend that are here to stay.

For me, when the road ahead looks cloudy and answers are hard to come by, horoscopes can provide guidance. This ends up leading me to this method more often.

Marisa Ham, a former-Fresno City College student and current entrepreneur, is a Virgo and regularly reads her horoscope, believing she truly embodies the characteristics of a Virgo. “I read my horoscope when I am down and need advice or an optimistic perspective on a tough decision or situation, ” Ham says. Ham explained her trust and admiration for horoscopes and how hers centers her emotions the majority of the time.

Ham believes astronomy plays a huge role in one’s life, relating personalities and tendencies. “I will immediately look up a person I am interested in to see if our signs are compatible and it will influence my decision process in the relationship,” said Ham.  Ham takes advice from her horoscope, living her life by what she reads. Horoscope brings her joy and clarity, and helps her understand life, moods, relationships and makes her career easier.

On the other hand, some people read horoscopes purely for entertainment, not giving any validity to the prediction of future love or emotion proclaimed by their daily horoscope.

Bryce Johnson, a soccer player and kinesiology major at FCC does not believe in horoscopes explaining they are a waste of time and a generic scam, “I know my horoscope, I’m a Taurus, but horoscopes are very vague and general, anyone can connect the dots, fitting their lives into any horoscope, says Johnson. “It doesn’t make sense that every person born in May is the same as me.”

Johnson sees horoscopes as purely entertainment and pretty much an impossible to task to connect so many people through the coincidence of when they were born.

“Reading my horoscope helps me see the forest through the trees, as the saying goes. The guidance I receive from my horoscope is like getting a positive outside perspective without having to share personal details with anyone, hooking me to continue reading.”

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