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Cramming Techniques

April 5, 2017


Are you too busy, or simply procrastinate in getting ready for a test? From generation to generation, students have mastered ways to cram successfully before a big exam.

It’s Sunday night, you’ve had a long fun weekend. Then you remember,  you’ve got a test bright and early Monday morning. Cramming won’t get you an “A” but will definitely save you from an “F”.

It may seem as if it’s the end of the world but there’s always that one test we forget to study for. Here are a few pointers to remember to help you stay calm while you’re last minute cramming before your test.

  • Having good notes will definitely be beneficial.  Assuming that you attended class on a daily basis, you should have some lecture notes to look over.  Typically your class notes are full of knowledge that professors have covered during lectures.
  • Know exactly what you need to study. For example, if you guys did a review session before the exam, take advantage of the opportunity!
  • Keep a positive attitude. It will be a lot easier to study relaxed.
  • The act of reviewing with help from someone else will help you to memorize information. For those who are better at visual learning, this will definitely help.
  • If you learn better  by hearing, recite the words as you look over them.
  • Quiz yourself so that you can set expectations on what of you need to focus on.
  • Since time is limited don’t attempt to study every single thing. Focus on what will get you the most points during the exam.
  • Read the chapter summaries (being that it does a good job of summarizing important facts).

Keep in mind you should only cram for an exam as a last resort. It is very hard to soak in so much information in a short period of time. These tips are meant to help you at the last minute, not to give you a reason to put off studying. You must study in order to learn the material and pass that exam!

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