More Food Options on Campus

March 7, 2017

It is doubtful that anyone has ever said that college is easy.

With so many things that students have to worry about, getting lunch should not be one of them.

As things stand now, students do not have much options for lunch or any food on the Fresno City College campus, and the options will be more diminished in the fall semester.

FCC has not renewed the contract for Pacific Cafe to continue running the food establishment beside the bookstore. Instead, Ram Pantry will occupy the space and provide free food and provisions to students.

While the food at the school cafeteria is reasonably priced, the eatery closes at 3:00 p.m., students wishing to grab a meal in the afternoon or evening must walk to one of the fast food places near the campus.

The food cart in the fountain area sells mostly small snacks and beverages, and only accepts cash.

Students may not have enough time between classes to go off campus, have lunch, and return in time for their class. Those enrolled in night classes do not have any food options besides the food cart, or nearby fast food. These lunches can quickly add up.

The nearly 25,000 students enrolled at FCC deserve cheaper and healthier food options.

At Fresno State University, students have the option of Subway, Robertito’s Taco Shop and Panda Express, along with other food vendors. The FCC campus could benefit from a more diverse eating options. Expanding food options could also have the added benefit of creating employment opportunities for students on campus.

The college could also allow local food trucks to come on campus for healthier options that won’t break the bank.

FCC must meet the needs of the student body and help ensure that its students have healthy and inexpensive food options readily available to them.

The life of a student is complex enough, with the process of registering for classes, getting into them, passing them, ensuring one takes all the necessary classes and gaining an education that will be useful in a career is long and arduous.

Getting a good meal on campus should be the last thing a student worries about.

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