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Do Awards Shows Matter? Pro

March 7, 2017

Awards shows are the perfect opportunity to promote and commemorate some of the greatest achievements in the arts of the previous year.

In particular, the annual Academy Awards ceremony has the special opportunity to showcase some films that the majority of mainstream audiences have not seen or even heard of.

Ever since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) expanded the number of nominees added to the Best Picture category, films from both the studio and independent circuit get to enjoy the limelight.

Out of this year’s Best Picture nominees, only “Arrival,” “Hidden Figures” and “La La Land” grossed over $100 million worldwide, whereas the other six films haven’t reached that mark.

Thanks to the Academy Awards, viewers also get the opportunity to see how much of a collaborative process filmmaking really is. With different categories exploring some of the behind-the-scenes work that artists contribute with, it can inspire young people with those sensibilities to pursue their creative side and perhaps join the industry.


Award shows matter because it showcases a diverse array of artistic achievements. Celebration of the arts also influences the next generation of creative forces to continue to innovate with their craft.

Fascinatingly enough, beyond the recognition given to these acclaimed works of art, the performance by the host, musicians also play into the entertainment value of the ceremony.

Jimmy Kimmel, who’s known for his late night talk show on ABC, found a proper balance between the divided political landscape in America while also making both sides of the aisle laugh.

But during this year’s Oscar telecast, a moment that shocked millions occurred. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty mistakenly announced “La La Land” for Best Picture. The producers then went up to the stage to deliver their acceptance speech only to realize that Dunaway and Beatty were given the wrong envelope and that “Moonlight” was the true winner for Best Picture.

Despite the mistake, seeing “La La Land” producer Jordan Horowitz graciously hand over the trophy to the “Moonlight” producers promoted not only both films to the audience, but also epitomized what this year’s sentiment was all about: diversity and unity.

Seeing both the predominately white producers of “La La Land” and the predominately black producers of “Moonlight” embrace one another and celebrating each other’s accomplishments at the ceremony represented love and compassion despite this unfortunate circumstance.

Moments like these keep viewers talking. How else would these two films would be more discussed between the mainstream audiences?  Now that both films are still in theaters, more will have the opportunity to see these stories on the big screen.

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