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Trump is Against Everything I Stand for, but My Parents Love Him Anyway

February 7, 2017

I get along with my parents in almost every aspect of life, except politics.

When it comes to politics, it’s better for me to shut my mouth and go back into the closet, figuratively speaking. Perhaps their reasoning is religious, cultural or just a result of growing up in a different time, but I can never seem to reach a point of mutual understanding with them.

The morning following the 2016 presidential election, I had awoken to my father goading me, saying that a Trump presidency was inevitable. He insisted that Trump would indeed “Make America Great Again.”

Regarding my distaste for Trump, my mother scolds me constantly, telling me that whether I like it or not, he’s the president, and that I must respect and support him.

As a person of color, as a woman and mostly as a member of the LGBTQ community, I am appalled that my own family would support President Trump and his ideals.

Many people argue that holding the title of “Leader of the Free World” demands obligatory respect.

Yet where was the respect for former President Obama, with so many people constantly hurling racial slurs at him throughout his eight years of presidency? Where was the respect for our former presidents Bush and Clinton, when constant jokes and criticisms aimed at them flooded my upbringing?

Despite all of that, it is expected for me to have unconditional respect for President Trump.

Donald Trump and much of his administration have been open on their stance regarding the LGBTQ community. Under the Trump administration, some of the progress made during the Obama administration, such as the Marriage Equality Act and anti-discrimination laws, face the possibility of being repealed.

Within the first few weeks of his presidency, Trump has already shown himself to be quite problematic. Based on Trump’s current executive orders, such as the travel ban and the approval of the Dakota Access pipeline, a Trump presidency could possibly lead to other serious obstacles for various communities in the US, including the LGBTQ community.

My family knows well what Donald Trump stands for, so I find it upsetting that they choose to support him regardless. Our conflicting views have resulted in a metaphorical wall built between us, with neither side wanting to cross. Following Trump’s inauguration, they have simply tried to refrain from talking about politics to avoid further dispute.

I refuse to blindly respect a man like Donald Trump, president or not. Although this issue may cause dispute among my family, I cannot stay silent.

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