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Fresno Bully Rescue Deserves Your Time and Support

February 7, 2017

If you are looking for a place to volunteer or for community service, you should consider the Fresno Bully Rescue (FBR), a non-profit, volunteer based, no-kill animal shelter, located in Fresno.

This local animal shelter is dedicated to finding homes and rehabilitating local American Pit Bulls and Bull Terrier dog breeds and deserves all our support.

It is one of the only breed-specific, non-kill shelters in California, and it is located right here in our community. FBR reaches out to our local community in efforts to find these dogs new forever homes and make sure their experience in a shelter is as comfortable and homey as they can make it.

Volunteering anywhere is rewarding, but seeing the reactions and attitudes of these animals makes it more than worthwhile to volunteer at FBR. There is a large range of jobs that need to be done by volunteers and the small staff in effort to make sure they achieve their goal of keeping their dog’s happy and most importantly, healthy.

Jobs range from cleaning kennels, and the work space, giving dogs much needed baths, playing individually with a dog in their play yard, and giving the dogs walks.

All of these many activities are essential for Fresno Bully Rescue to reach their goal of keeping their dog’s happy. But volunteering, is so much more than just the work. The most important part is the bond you share with your designated shelter dog to make sure they’re happy.

No one wants to adopt a dog with an unpleasant attitude, but with human interaction and love it could make all the difference. A majority of these dogs are rescued from bad environments, rehabilitated, and then given the chance to find a permanent home and family.

Throughout my experience, Fresno Bully Rescue showed that they do exactly that. Through my three months of volunteer work at the facility, about eight dogs were able to find families to become a part of.

Staff at FBR take many steps during the adoption process to make sure these dogs do not end up back in the wrong hands. They also take necessary precautions such as interviews with the family, home meetings to assure the dog has everything they will need, and even offer potential adopted parents the chance to bring their current dog to the facility to introduce the two animals properly.

Volunteering at this specific facility gives a person a sense of purpose and responsibility. These dogs have been stray, abused, and even abandoned by cruel people who have no compassion for the innocent animals that are abused or neglected.

Dogs that may have been “naughty” before, due to their previous environment, have a noticeable change in mood and mannerisms after given a little tender love and care. This wouldn’t be possible without the staff and volunteers that are able to put the dog’s best interest first.

If you are not able to volunteer, there are more ways to help these animals. One could donate money, dog food, dog toys, leashes, collars, and blankets.

Fresno Bully Rescue also holds numerous local fundraisers, whose proceeds go back into the shelter. These small acts of kindness make all the difference in these dog’s life. Getting the chance to work with these precious dogs really make a person realize how cruel the world can be, but with a little compassion, how beautiful it is at the same time.

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