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The Rampage at your service: An Open Letter to the College Community

October 21, 2015

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The Rampage at your service: An Open Letter to the College Community

Photo by: Bobby Brown

Photo by: Bobby Brown

Photo by: Bobby Brown

Dear readers,

There are moments when we want nothing to do with Fresno City College. Then there are moments in our college career that we feel like this is truly where we belong.

Whatever it is, we are all responsible for representing California’s premier community college, no matter who we are on campus or what our personal goals are.

As a student-run newspaper, yes, student-run, the Rampage often covers stories that not everyone may find soothing or easy to digest.

Nevertheless, that is exactly what we are here to do, to inform you whether you like it or not. If it impacts or reflects on Fresno City College, it is the Rampage’s business.

Since it started in 1949, the Rampage has chronicled significant and, sometimes, not-so-significant events on the FCC campus and continues to do so under all types of circumstances, throughout the years.

The staff at the college newspaper, all unique in their own ways, is constantly changing, from semester to semester. Some may stay for all four semesters of eligibility, but others leave after one semester.

But one thing is for sure — we are here for you. We are here to share with the 24,000 minds on this campus, your own particular experiences — your pride as an elected student leader or your frustrations with your classes or counseling or financial aid or any services on campus or your fears about this campus. We can give voice to your issues, whether you are a student, faculty or staff.

So to the Associated Student Government representatives, who have not always had a great history with the Rampage, we invite you to invite us to the table.

Give us a chance to be present, at your weekly Tuesday meetings in the Senate Chambers located in the Student Lounge, while you discuss the most pressing concerns on campus.

Say “hi” to us as we pass you by every morning at the Student Center above the bookstore. What’s keeping us from working together? We need to get to know each other better. Our two organizations are working towards the same goal — serving the FCC community.

To the average student-reader, what motivates you? What inspires you each and every day?

You are not just a student here. You are beginning your life story and doing it right here at FCC. We are here to tell the world about you and your dreams as well as your challenges. Don’t hide; we want to know you.

Every living soul in the Rampage’s newsroom is a student, just like you. We have the same concerns as you. We each take four to five classes and spend countless all-nighters studying for that political science exam, just like you.

But while doing that, we also have our priorities, to which we commit to every semester. As student-journalists, we have to get our head in the game about chronicling life at FCC.

So that brings us to the great faculty on this campus. Where are you? You are not forgotten.

Easily the most important aspect of this college, the faculty on this campus are of high importance to The Rampage.

We want you to help us help you and your students. Let us know what you are doing. Give us a call or email; send smoke signals, anything really. Anything that will help us elevate the level of communication to better inform everyone and.transform this college.

We want to know what research your class is doing, or what sort of experiments you are engaging in with your class.

This letter cannot go without addressing our controversial pasts, present and what is to come.

Let it be clear, we will hear about it, and when we do, we will ask about it.

Be ready.

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