Rampage Editorial Board
Rampage Editorial Board

Why We Do What We Do

May 14, 2015

Great memories come in the form of people questioning why we do what we do.

Come next week, another spring semester will have passed; 18 weeks and seven issues of the Rampage will have disappeared.

It is hard to remember what we did in the beginning. Four months of pressing stories and sleepless nights have consumed the Rampage staff and while we are eager to return to normal sleeping routines, we are saddened that another semester has faded into the past.

We have brought you, our readers, our hard work and long nights in hopes to inspire you, the FCC community to express yourselves, uncover stories that sit right under your nose and make a name for yourself both on and off campus.

While this is not goodbye for everyone, as an editorial board, we bid you farewell. To those of you graduating, congratulations. We applaud your hard work and devotion to your education and future career.

If you are transferring, like many of the Rampage staff, we wish you well as you venture onto another journey, and if you are returning to FCC in the fall, we look forward to following your stories and providing you with the best, and worst of FCC.

We wish all of you well and thank you for your support. Whether you sent us hate mail, called our office or stopped us on campus, we appreciate those of you who took the time to read our paper and are fortunate for all of the feedback we have received; you continue to strengthen us as writers.

There is no greater feeling than to have our work in the hands of over 2,000 students and to have people wonder who we are and why we do what we do.

We write for you.

We write because we can.


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