Veteran Resource Center to Receive More Funding

August 29, 2017

A budget proposal approved on June 27 by California Governor Jerry Brown will increase funding for Veteran’s Resource Centers across California community college campuses.

Included in the proposal is a $12 million increase in funding for VRCs on 113 of the 114 community college campuses throughout California. Of the $12 million, $7 million has been appropriated as a one-time grant to assist campuses to establish and develop VRCs. As of yet, the exact amount of funding to be allocated to each campus has not been disclosed.

The proposal was first approved by California legislature on June 15, and later by Brown who signed the budget without vetoing a single appropriation.

This budget approval comes after veterans from Fresno City College visited Sacramento in March. William Coleman, president of the FCC Veteran’s Club went on the trip, among others from not only Fresno, but community colleges across California.

“Being our first trip, it was educational; it was informative,” Coleman said about speaking with legislators in Sacramento. “That was an eye-opening experience, seeing our tax dollars at work.”

Now, several months after the initial petition, the effects are materializing and the success of the veteran’s visit to the capitol are apparent.

“There is going to be another trip,”  Coleman said, adding that the trip was a very positive experience for both the VRC and the veterans who attended. The trip allowed the veterans to see firsthand the process of legislature, and gave them access to various resources at state level.

Anyone interested in the benefits and activities of the Veteran’s Resource Center and the Veteran’s Club on campus, or just looking to get involved and support these programs, can find more information on the FCC website under the “Service Centers & Programs” header, and can follow the FCC Veteran’s Club on Facebook.

The Veteran’s Club is open to all students, and those who may be interested are encouraged to speak with William Coleman or Mary Alfieris, the Veterans and International Student Services coordinator, at the VRC on campus.

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