ASG Offers Food, Hygiene Products

February 7, 2017

The Fresno City College Associated Student Government has begun offering food options for students, apart from the Ram Pantry.

The ASG now provides cups of soup, drinks, snacks and hygiene packs, as well as free use of their new microwave.

The goal of giving away food, drink and hygiene products is to provide students with nutrition throughout the day. In the student lounge there is a table set up with deodorant available for students, as well as gum and drinks under the table.

“We have received several donations from faculty and are hoping to receive more donations over the next couple of months,” said ASG President Aaron Greene.

Though not a part of the Ram Pantry; the food service for needy students has coordinated with the ASG to provide assorted goods for students throughout the week.

“We set aside a little bit of the non-perishable stuff they can have in their office that students can have access Monday through Friday,” Interim Dean of Student Services Sean Henderson said.

The distinction between the two programs came about after an attempt by the ASG to further the availability of the Ram Pantry on a week long basis.

“They sent me some paperwork yesterday [Feb. 1], and my only concern was they were trying to use the Ram Pantry name, and they are not affiliated,” Henderson said.

The use of the Ram Pantry name led to some confusion between the two organizations about the lines of affiliation and cooperation.

“Aaron Greene met directly with representatives from the Ram Pantry to work out the situation,” Brandon McLaughlin,  legislative vice president said. “They don’t want us to use their logo.”

Greene added that the ASG had to remove fliers that had the Ram Pantry symbol on it. “Now, it’s only ASG’s symbols on there.”

Along with food, ASG also offers hygienic products

Some of the hygienic products were donated by Troop 989, a local Girl Scout chapter which is led by an FCC faculty member. The donation consisted of 140 packs of hygiene products, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and body wash.

“It’s awesome,” Greene said. “It makes you feel really good when people come up and have a cup of coffee with you or just talk.”

Greene said the ASG is working on other ways to help FCC students. One project is a lockdown bicycle coral to provide a safer on-campus experience and to encourage more students to ride their bikes to school.

“We want to become more involved with our student body,” Greene said. “We’re here to represent you; we need to hear what is going on with the students.”

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