Students Learn Defenses Against Sexual Assault

One in five women and one in 16 men become victims of sexual assault on college campuses throughout the US. Forty seven percent of assaults occur in or near the home.

State Center Community College District Police
Lieutenant Richard Gaines and Henry T. Perea,
representative of the 31st district in the California
Assembly are committed to giving Fresno City
College students the tools they need to avoid
becoming victims.

The first step is acquiring self defense skills, so
Gaines and Perea sponsored Providing Safety, a self
defense class on April 24 in the Old Administration

“This month April is Sexual Harassment
Awareness month,” said Sandra Garcia of Henry T.
Perea’s office. “We wanted to make sure to reach
out to students and the public to make sure that they
are aware of prevention.”

This was the second of two presentations at FCC
in recent weeks. There was also a similar prior event
for the staff of FCC to attend.

Perea said his office constantly changes and
adapts the program to ensure that it helps students.
“We try to evaluate based on questions that are
asked,” Perea said. “Do we change the presentation
a little bit? Do we add to or subtract from certain

Perea said that after reviewing feedback, his staff
evaluates the presentation to see whether or not to
add something in a certain area or to take certain
things out in another area.

Throughout the event, the presenters provided
tips for fighting back against attackers as well as
techniques to avoid becoming victims.

The tips include following your instincts
and changing walking/driving direction. The
presentation also included notes on Sexual Assault
Prevention. Other tips on how to avoid situations
that can put one at risk include submitting, passive
resistance and active resistance.