Trapfest Comes to Rainbow Ballroom Once Again


Photo by: Paige Cervantez

Crowds enjoy the electronic music festival Trapfest celebrated at Fresno's Rainbow Ball Room on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017.

Story By: Paige Cervantes, Reporter

It’s time to dance the night away.

Trapfest made an appearance at Rainbow Ballroom on Oct. 14.

Doors opened at 8 p.m. and lasted until 1:30 a.m.

Trapfest is a musical event where people ages 18 and older can feel free to dance, sing and dress however they please.

Making new friends and having a great time is what Trapfest is all about.

Brianna Ellis, 20, said that she enjoys going to events such as Trapfest because it’s like a “warmup” for the big events.

“Local raves are a good way to experience what raving is all about, but I’m excited for Electric Daisy Carnival. These other raves are like mini practices before the big event.”

Ellis said that her favorite part about Trapfest is the people because everyone has great intentions and positive attitudes.

“This event was actually sold out which is huge for a local rave, so I’m excited to see and meet a lot of new people.”

Joseph Hernandez, 21, said that Trapfest is his favorite local rave because of the type of music they play.

“I highly enjoy attending raves because I can let go and express myself however I want without feeling any type of judgement, but Trapfest has always been my top favorite because of the Trap and bass music they play. It’s not just a bunch of random sounds, but actual lyrics everyone has heard of before just remixed into dancing music.”

Hernandez was so excited about this event that he was one of the first people to purchase a ticket.

“Trapfest has always been big but I heard that it was going to be really popular this year so as soon as the tickets went on sale, I grabbed my credit card and ran to my computer to buy my ticket.”

The building was filled with people to the point where you could barely move.

Everyone was dressed in their own style, dancing and singing to the music with their arms raised high in the air.

Silver fans were attached to each corner of the ceiling because of the amount of people and body heat that occurred in the building.

A water station was set up on the right side of the building so that everyone who was exhausted from dancing could stay hydrated.

Mariah Calvert, 22, was especially excited for this event.

“Today is my birthday and I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way. I have my friends, good music and I feel like the prettiest girl in the room. What more could I ask for?”

Calvert’s friend, Mariana Tukia, 21, said that Trapfest is one of the best raves she’s been to in a while.

“I’ve been to several different raves before, including Trapfest in the past, but this year was like no other. The energy in the room was incredible. Everyone was looking for a good time and it was a very successful Saturday night.”