FCC Celebrates the Music of the World

March 8, 2017

The 13th annual celebration of multicultural music took place on March 3 in the OAB auditorium with the Cantus Vocem choir group from Sunnyside High School and the choirs from Polk and Teague Elementary School.

The FCC chorus, as well as the Sunnyside, Polk, and Teague choruses, performed songs in different languages from all over the world. The performers wore costumes that represented cultures from around the world, and the auditorium was decorated with the flags from different countries.

China, France, Mexico, and the U.S. were some of the countries that were featured in the show.  

Gena Chambers, a vocal music major student, as well as Katherine Forbes, an evolutionary biology student, talked about the event and the process of getting ready for it.

“The hardest part was remembering what the words mean and showing it on your face. You can’t just stand there and say words that don’t mean anything to you,” says Chambers.

“I loved the event,” Forbes said. “Mrs. Dana is a great person to be around. She is really energetic and she gives that into her music.”

The event was directed by Julie Dana, the director of the Fresno City College Choir and a professor of music appreciation. She said she was very satisfied with the outcome of the event, and about a special song that was performed in the show.

“The last song Mr. Dana gave to me for me Christmas. He wrote the song, all the words and everything,” says Dana. “He also contributed into putting the event together,” she added.

Mike Dana, Julie Dana’s husband, is the director of the FCC Jazz Ensemble and was the author of the song performed called “This Is Our World.”

There will be an event on March 10 called “Cycles and Sets,” an advanced voice recital that the FCC chorus will form a part of.

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