FCC Students Dress for Style and Comfort

February 13, 2017

Rain drop, drop top, it’s raining and it won’t stop, stop.

Due to the colder and rainier winter months, some FCC students have been dressing to keep warm and others to keep their feet dry.

For some, however, staying warm doesn’t stop them from being fashionable.

“I have a tendency to wear whatever in any weather, even if it is really cold,” Mollie Gade, photography major, said. “Sometimes, I’ll just wear a T-shirt and a heavy jacket.”
Many students can be seen wearing anoraks, jean jackets or windbreakers for outerwear. Others wear thermals or hoodies.

“It [his hoodie] keeps me warm, and I’m bald, so I can cover my head,” Jesse Lopez, sociology major, said. “I feel good. I feel safe. It keeps my head warm, and I can put it on while I wear my glasses so people leave me alone. It’s comfortable.”

There are several winter trends that are stylish and convenient ways to battle the weather.
Those trends might include North Face windbreakers or boots like Dr. Martens or Timberlands. Knee-high boots have seemingly become also becoming a trend.

Gwen Martinez, marketing major, said she loves that styles come back, “certain trends like windbreakers, Docs [Dr. Martens], and Timbs [Timberlands].”
Many students are also more conscious of their shoe wear because of the rain.

“The netting on my tennis shoes isn’t really fit for the rain,” Alison Perez, nursing major, said. “Sometimes I will switch off to boots.”
On the contrary, Lopez said he would wear his converse even when it’s raining.

Not only has the winter weather influenced trends and shoe wear, it has influenced the way students prepare for their day.

“I layer more because it gets warmer during the day, but in the morning, it’s freezing,” Gade said. “I also prepare differently with my hair and makeup. If I’m wearing fake eyelashes, then I’ll bring the glue. It’s the same thing with powder, or I’ll use setting spray.”

Some have become quite creative in the way they layer their clothes.

“In the morning, it gets cold to the point where you don’t even want to get out of bed,” Raul Villar, political science major, said. “I like to wear jackets, so I can easily take it off.”
“I’ll wear more long sleeves or short sleeve shirts with jackets,” Crystal Navarro, psychology major, said. “Turtlenecks are also a common thing for me to wear. It’s how I’ve been surviving.”

Along with layering, students wear their favorite winter colors like black, burgundy, and green and clothing pieces which included Timberlands and leather jackets. Clothes are reflecting style, survival or comfort.

“People are just layered up and covered up for the winter,” Maria Duran, civil engineering major, said. “We’re just dressed to survive. You never know. Some people wear shorts during the winter because they like the feeling of the cold on their skin.”

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