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The LEGO Batman Movie Delights

February 8, 2017

Photo by: The LEGO Batman Movie

Photo by: The LEGO Batman Movie

Warner Bros. and Warner Animation Group come together for a spin-off the installment of “The LEGO Movie” in “The LEGO Batman Movie,” scheduled to be released on Feb. 10. It’s an enjoyable film that has the perfect blend of humor, drama and stunning animation that is fitting for the dark knight.

The film tells the story of a narcissistic Batman who believes he is the greatest thing that has ever hit Gotham. Always a loner who doesn’t need anyone’s help, Batman must take on every villain ever featured in the comics. Led by the Joker, the villains prove to be more than a handful.  

The film is riddled with an endless supply of jokes, and it is not afraid to make fun of itself. It makes references of past comic book movies featuring the caped crusader and some of the embarrassing moments for him as a character in both comic and film, from Bat-Shark repellent to Bat-Nipples.

Once the jokes get going, they are almost never ending. The jokes do not always land, but they happen so fast that they can be hard to catch.

The one thing the film could have done without is the bat-raps, scenes where Batman would break out into a beat boxing rap. They were funny to hear the first time around, but every time after, they were unnecessary and oftentimes cringe-worthy.

Though this film is meant to be an animated comedy, there is a great drama depth that lasts with you long after the films ends.  Batman has to come to terms with his ultimate fear of not being able to trust anyone and being a part of a family on the fear of losing them to the dangers he faces every night. An issue that he has not come to terms with is the death of his parents when he was a child.

When he unknowingly adopts orphan Dick Grayson, who later becomes Robin, he has no choice but to take him under his wing and become his mentor and father figure.

The movie is not just a delight in the joke department, it is also a delight to see visually. No LEGO piece goes to waste as it brings the city of Gotham to life. The movie makes Wayne Manor and the Bat-Cave look gigantic, and adds lots of detail that you wouldn’t expect in a film set made of just LEGO pieces.  Rich texture with the use of orange, red and blacks put you in movie to give Gotham more detail in color that gets you amazed how it was made.

The film is a delight and has everything for the whole family. “The LEGO Batman Movie” brings the perfect blend of Batman and your favorite childhood toy.

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