Spectre: A peek into Craig’s last Bond movie

Story By: Larry Valenzuela, Multimedia Editor

Bond is back as Daniel Craig takes his final ride in the literal driver’s seat as the famous spy James Bond.

In this outing we find James right where he left off in the previous film “Skyfall” as he begins his search for the top secret crime organization known as Spectre while MI6 fights its own political battle of possible termination.

As normal, the well-known formula in a Bond film starting from when the franchise was created more than 50 years ago, we find our protagonist traveling the world, racing fast cars with bad guys and finding a lovely companion along the way. But with Craig’s version of Bond it has always been a tad rough giving rid of his campy feeling as opposed to Sean connery, Pierce Brosnan, and the clown that is Roger Moore. Daniel Craig’s Bond is like the Dark Knight of the Bond franchise throwing away the campiness creating more of a dark and gritting side. In this outing though we see a more lighter side of our protagonist as he comes out beginning stages and becomes more similar to a Bond we all remember growing up. The film also used the classic Bond theme song that fans always remembered to get you excited at the beginning and the end. Sam Smith sings the new intro song and has great of a singer he is the song comes off as kind of annoying and Smith pretty much sounds like an alien.

“Spectre” is definitely a real thriller. It will keep its audience at the edge of their seat as they root for our hero. The action is as can expect from Bond films as we see him dodging bullets and finding his way out seemingly certain doom. The film is definitely thrilling and throws great Easter eggs linking to our old classic Bond. One fatal flaw that can be seen is its inability to utilize it’s all-star cast. The film has a great amount of star power but fails to use their acting skills to create a better final cut.

“Spectre” is a B- for its great nostalgia of old Bond but its failure to execute.