An Evening of Jazz

Story By: Alyssa Garza, Reporter

Have you ever wanted to step out of your comfort zone  when it comes music taste? The Fresno City College Latin Jazz Band had an opportunity for that with a concert for students and the community to attend on Thursday.

The concert was held in the FCC Theatre at 7:30 p.m.

The event was hosted by Mike Dana and George Ramirez music directors and instructors at FCC, the students playing that night on stage were as ready as when they were busy practicing.

The concert opened with a west jazz combo. The instruments were beating loud and the faculty were doing a great job playing each of their instruments for the crowd to hear.

Tyler Howell, a student at FCC and pianist for the band, said he has been playing the piano for 17 years. He said that after all the practice he was ready to play.

The students who participated in the Latin concert, practiced since the beginning of the semester and were ready to go out and play.

Patrick Beaston, said he played in the south combo portion of the jazz concert. “It is my first time playing in a jazz class and ensembles at the same time” said Beaston.

Few of the players such as Richard Stark (singer) and Patrick Beaston (electric guitar) have played other types of different shows outside of FCC, but to play a concert like this was new and exciting.

The north combo of musicians came on stage to perform the song “Route 66”, by Bobby Troup, from of the film “Cars”.

Overall the concert was soothing a pieceful for anyone who sat in the theater seats. They all could sit, listen and enjoy the sounds and beats.

Along with the Latin ensembles such as Mambo Inn and Typoon, the faulty did a great job keeping the audience entertained.

The Latin Jazz Band will hold a “Jazz Combo” at the Tokyo Garden Inn at 6 p.m. on Sunday Nov. 19.  Admission is free.