Rogue Festival Review: Spence Morris Group

Story By: Lauren Baker, Art Director

The Spencer Morris Group is a two-man band that performs at the Rogue Festival every year. The group is Dave Spencer on guitar, mandolin and vocals. Randy Morris plays saxophone and also provides the introductory narration for each song.

Both men are school teachers (Morris retired, Spencer is set to retire this year) that have been nurturing a friendship for more than 40 years and a passion for their music group for 10 years.

Though the two have tried incorporating other members into the group, they have found that remaining a duo is what suits them best.

“I’ve often told Dave that as long as the two of us are passionate about it, that’s all we really need. And it’s easier to work with two schedules than 5 to 6,” said Morris.

Spencer and Morris also play at separate gigs, via talent shows or private functions.

Their Rogue performance itself was nothing short of amazing. The Spencer Morris Group typically (but not always) focuses on a particular decade each year as their topic, and then mixes the relevant pop culture of the time in a sardonic, humorous fashion, “to add melody” as Spencer states.

Upon arrival, the audience is supplied with a lyric sheet to keep track of during the performance, and it’s the lyrics that are the true genius of the show.

With Spencer’s deep-rooted admiration of Bob Dylan, Morris’ sultry saxophone, and verses like “Oh Tea Party, what used to be the norm/over my dead body health reform,” you really can’t go wrong.

You can purchase albums old and new by emailing Randy Morris at [email protected]
or Dave Spencer at