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Don’t be a Ham, Vote Turkey!

Story By: Michael Ford, Sports Editor

November 9, 2016

Is this even a real question? Turkey is miles ahead of ham as the best choice for meat to serve at any holiday gathering and especially on the best holiday —Thanksgiving. The most common complaint that people make about turkey on Thanksgiving is that it is too dry. To that, I ask, have you tried ...

Don’t be a Turkey, Vote Ham!

Story By: Ram Reyes, Photo Editor

November 9, 2016

The thought of picking ham over turkey for Thanksgiving sounds like a most un-American act. Turkey has long since been the iconic centerpiece meal for America’s second favorite holiday. Despite turkey’s long traditional standing as the food to get for Thanksgiving, ham edges out better on taste and...

FCC Students Weigh in on the Value of the Vote: Con

Story By: Edward Smith, Copy/Opinion Editor

October 25, 2016

Since the birth of this nation, the vote has always been suppressed. It began as a privilege allotted to only land-owning males; then it expanded to universal white male suffrage, to male suffrage and eventually expanded to include women as well. Through all the progress that this country has achieved in the a...

FCC Students Weigh in on the Value of the Vote: Pro

Story By: Frank Lopez, Reporter

October 25, 2016

The  2016 election cycle has been the most shocking and confusing presidential race in recent memory. Trump’s extreme right wing platform and infamous language, and Clinton’s email scandal and Democrats supposedly rigging elections, has brought the political chasm to the forefront once again. ...

The Integrity of Education Must be Preserved

Story By: Aly Honore, Reporter

September 27, 2016

Looking for an escape from enlightening discussions about race, politics, gender and all things cultural? Well with trigger warnings in course descriptions, selective learning becomes even more attainable for the average intolerant student. If trigger warnings are implemented, courses that cover potentially...

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