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For Earth Day, Use Less Water, Eat Less Meat, Save Your Planet

Story By: Rampage Editorial Board

April 18, 2016

Life is about making sacrifices, and making sacrifices sometimes yields unexpected benefits. April 22 marks Earth Day 2016, and all across the country, and possibly world, billions of people will commit to a healthier and greener planet. The sacrifice is not a hard one -- it is about committ...


Students discuss returning to campus after break, on Monday Jan. 25, 2016.

Story By: Rampage Editorial Board

February 10, 2016

Remember your high school days when your student government or administration arranged “spirit” week or “spirit” days? How we wish for those spirit days now. We could certainly use spirit days here at Fresno City College. We have no school spirit here, and it is getting worse. Over the...

Fighting Hunger is the Worthiest Cause

Story By: Rampage Editorial Board

January 27, 2016

Hunger should not be a barrier to success for college students. Unfortunately, it is. A Wisconsin HOPE Lab survey of 4,000 community college students from 10 community colleges across the nation shows that half of all community college students are struggling with food and/or housing insecurity. The...

Let’s live up to America’s promise and not turn our back on refugees


Story By: Rampage Editorial Board

November 18, 2015

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris are worsening the rather complicated plight of the Syrian refugees who are fleeing the civil war raging in their home countries and seeking refuge in foreign countries. As of October 2015, 4,183,535 that have fled Syria due to the war and atrocities. Over the...

FUSD’s Hanson Should Focus on his own Problems

FUSD’s Hanson Should Focus on his own Problems

Story By: Rampage Editorial Board

November 6, 2015

Setting the record straight is important. Nobody, especially not a large school district superintendent, should misinform an audience when it comes to education. That is unacceptable. Read More »...

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