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Hemmingway’s Whiskey Resonates

Story By: Nathan Alonzo, Rampage Reporter

October 5, 2011

He is one of the fastest rising artists in country music with his flip flops and beach cowboy style. Kenny Chesney recently recorded his 15th album titled “Hemingway’s Whiskey,” which provides a vast collective of country musical styles. The album serves as a form of showing audiences that don’t...

Fuseing Downtown: Music festival showcases mix of local talent

Story By: Karina Ornelas

October 5, 2011

The Fresno Urban Sound Experience Festival – or FUSE Fest for short – has for the first time expanded into a full-blown, two-day festival with more than seven venues and a line-up of more than 30 bands. Unlike some music festivals, the FUSE Fest is designed with no headliners among the all-local...

“The Illusion” Delivers

Story By: Pabel Lopez, Rampage Reporter

October 5, 2011

The stage of the Fresno City College Theater will be transformed into a cave for a few weeks in October for the production of “The Illusion.” In rehearsals, the rough texture of the cave walls was already set, giving the actors a feel of what they would be working with on opening night. The play...

Phillip’s Korner: 10 Tips for the Big Fresno Fair

Story By: Phillip Romar, Rampage Reporter

October 5, 2011

1.      BRING A CELL PHONE!! YOU WILL GET LOST IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE!! There’s going be a kabillion people over there so if you don’t stand out in a big crowd, you will get lost. Or you can do what I do whenever I’m looking for my friends: Scream their names like you don’t have any sense...

“Inheritance” is at hand

Story By: Laura Bradley, Rampage Reporter

October 5, 2011

In 2003 everyone had their noses buried in a blue book with a sarcastic young dragon smiling up from the front cover. Christopher Paolini’s debut novel “Eragon” had hit shelves. Its fan base exploded across the nation, selling 2.5 million copies and topping the New York Times Children’s Books...

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